After acquiring ownership of the business’s Houston location four years ago, local business owner Gary Jones expanded North Main Tool Rental into Magnolia in March 2019 to be closer to home and meet the area’s growing demand.

"Everything is moving north and west out of Houston,” he said. “With the addition of H-E-B and some of the changes that are coming in [Magnolia] over the next couple of years, the housing market in general is expected to boom out here.”

Located at 11210 FM 1488, Magnolia, North Main Tool Rental offers a variety of equipment including generators, plumbing products and miniature excavators. The Magnolia location also offers more than the name implies, as the business employs mechanics to offer full service repairs for small- engine machines, unlike its Houston counterpart, Jones said.

Although half of his clientele are professional contractors, Jones said the other half are average homeowners working on do-it-yourself projects. According to Jones, many people prefer to tackle projects themselves because it can be expensive to hire contractors.

“The big thing is that this equipment is not complex to use, so even a homeowner can come and run an excavator or skid loader or things like that for their projects,” he said.

During the historic winter storm in February that left many Magnolia residents without power and with water damage, Jones said the North Main Tool Rental offered equipment for those recovering from damages in the storm’s aftermath.

“With the winter storm, we had a lot of busted pipes—a lot of water got in the houses—[and] people have been renting a lot of dehumidifiers to clear that up,” Jones said. “Carpet fans ... move a lot of volume of air, so it keeps you from getting mold; it dries out whatever space got wet.”

Besides winter-related projects, Jones said landscaping projects are generally the most popular as aerators and brush cutters become more popular for renting.

“A lot of it is landscaping [and] yard maintenance, whether it be aeration or cutting down [trees] or ... fertilization,” he said.

Jones said he looks forward to continuing to serve the Magnolia community.

“We really are driven by the success of our customers,” Jones said. “We live in the community, and we just want to see the community grow and expand.”

North Main Tool Rental

11210 FM 1488, Magnolia


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat. 7 a.m.-1 p.m., closed Sun.