Jimmie Brock, the owner of the Mobile Mower Doctor, operates out of a 20-foot trailer attached to the back of his truck, offering repair and maintenance services for outdoor power equipment. He started the business in June 2019.

Complete with its own power source, mower lift and air compressor, Brock said his mobile workshop has all the equipment he needs to make house calls and tend to clients’ lawnmowers.

“I come right out to your house, back up in your driveway or park on the side of the road, load the machine up, do all the repairs—all the service work right there on the spot,” Brock said. “You don’t even have to be home.”

Brock said the business offers clients the convenience of house calls. Whereas many traditional repair shops can require long wait times for clients to get their machinery back, Brock said most of his repairs are made in a single trip, and jobs usually take about an hour to complete.

“[Clients] have been mowing their grass whenever I pull up; they’ll stop mowing, I’ll load the mower in my trailer, perform the service, and when I leave I wave at them, and they’re on their mower continuing to mow their grass,” Brock said. “They were never without their machine, other than the hour or so it was in my trailer being serviced.”

In addition to fixing broken machines, the business also offers maintenance services. According to Brock, identifying issues during regular checkups often helps prevent bigger headaches down the road.

“If you don’t do the maintenance to a piece of equipment, you’re going to shorten that lifespan of that machine,” Brock said. “I’m going to find belts that are starting to break; I’m going to find pulleys that are getting worn out, different things like that before they cause a failure.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, Brock said he actually saw an increase in demand for his services.

“A lot of businesses have struggled through the pandemic, but it’s been a blessing for me because more people are at home ... mowing their own grass,” Brock said. “They have the lawnmower that’s been sitting in their garage for who knows how long, [and] they need me to get it going so they can mow their grass because they want to save that money.”

Since starting his business in the Magnolia area, Brock now travels to Waller, Hempstead, Conroe, Montgomery and Willis to offer his mobile repair services. With spring coming and more business on the horizon, Brock plans to expand into the Huntsville area.

“I’m a Magnolia boy. I grew up around here; this is my hometown; this is where I’m from,” Brock said. “This is where I started my business; this is where I want to grow my business. ... That’s the way I want to keep it.”

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