A project to extend David Memorial Drive to Hwy. 242 will begin in 2023 following road clearing in late 2022, according to Kathie Reyer, city administrator for the city of Shenandoah. Tree and brush clearing, budgeted at $170,000, is expected to be completed by February, officials said. A groundbreaking ceremony for the road project will take place Dec. 6, and construction on the project is estimated to begin in April. Shenandoah is providing $2 million for the project; Montgomery County is providing $5 million; and the city of Conroe is providing $2.1 million because the project will touch each of those jurisdictions, Reyer said.

Timeline: April 2023-TBD

Cost: $9.1 million

Funding sources: city of Shenandoah, city of Conroe, Montgomery County