Road projects underway or planned east of I-45 in Montgomery County include tree clearing for road widening projects on Robinson Road and David Memorial Drive as well as ongoing work on a Hwy. 242 overpass.

Robinson Road tree clearing

According to the city of Oak Ridge North, tree clearing was completed for the first phase of its $6 million project to widen Robinson Road and align the intersection with Hanna Road. The next phase of the project will be the design phase for widening Robinson Road, officials said.

Timeline: September-October

Cost: $83,294 (tree clearing), $6 million (widening project)

Funding source: city of Oak Ridge North

Hwy. 242 overpass

The project will construct a grade separation along Hwy. 242 from west to east of FM 1314. This is one of four projects to construct an overpass at Hwy. 242 and FM 1314. The project was 93% complete as of an October report.

Timeline: July 2018-first quarter 2023

Cost: $24.35 million

Funding sources: federal funds, Texas Department of Transportation

David Memorial Drive tree clearing

A bid for the clearing and removal of trees and bushes for the David Memorial Drive extension project was awarded by the city of Shenandoah on Sept. 28. The project will extend David Memorial Drive to Hwy. 242. The project for the tree clearing was awarded to construction company Petra LLC, and it will be funded by the 2015 Montgomery County road bond. Following tree clearing, the remainder of the $8 million extension project will be collaboratively funded by the city of Shenandoah, the city of Conroe, The Woodlands Township and Montgomery County.

Timeline: late 2022-February 2023

Cost: $170,000

Funding source: Montgomery County