Work on the Spring Creek Greenway project, which includes a trail through The Woodlands, could be financed through contributions from both The Woodlands Township and Harris County Precinct 4, under a letter of intent between the two entities.

The letter, approved Sept. 22 by the township, allocates $5 million in its 2021-22 budget for improvements associated with the greenway project.

John Powers, assistant general manager for community services in the township, said at the meeting the trail will go through The Woodlands from around the ExxonMobil campus off I-45 along Spring Creek to Burroughs Park. The area where work is currently occurring is from Burroughs Park to Ann Snyder Drive, he said. Future funding will support work continuing the pathway to Gosling Road.

“Your funding will help accelerate this to get it completed in a shorter period of time than what they actually have planned for,” Powers told the board of directors.

The trail is a 12-foot-wide asphalt paved surface rather than the township’s typical 8-foot pathways, Powers said. Some challenges going forward will be navigating around planned construction work on the Gosling Road bridge, which the additional funding will help with, he said.