Shenandoah’s Municipal Development District approved a reimbursement to the city for a total of $227,000 toward the construction of the David Memorial Drive extension to Hwy. 242 at the June 26 meeting.

The MDD collects sales tax within its boundaries and the area immediately surrounding Shenandoah to help fund economic development projects.

What to know

Shenandoah Public Works Director Joseph Peart also provided an update on June 26 that the city was being reimbursed by Montgomery County for a total of $100,000.

“Commissioner Matt Gray really came through and helped us out," Peart said. "As soon as we got the change order, we reached out to them, and they quickly turned us around and helped us out."

City Council previously approved at the May 22 meeting a change to the order for the contractor Brice Constructors, which incurred close to $314,000 in additional costs due to "unfavorable site conditions" and requested the reimbursement.

The backstory

According to previous Community Impact coverage, the David Memorial Drive extension is a roughly mile-long project that will extend north to Hwy. 242, crossing Shenandoah, Conroe and Montgomery County. The project, estimated to cost $7.8 million, began in August. The portion crossing the city of Conroe has not yet been funded by that city.

The project is intended to help relieve traffic on the north-south corridor that has been backing up the I-45 service road, according to previous coverage.

The five-year process leading up to the project launch included:
  • Securing wetland permits
  • Acquiring right of way
  • Securing funding from various entities
What else?

City Attorney Bill Ferebee also addressed at the meeting a data breach that occurred in December in which less than 1% of the city's data was hacked.

In a June 27 news release, city officials stated, "based on its comprehensive investigation and document review, the city now believes that certain files within our network containing employee and past employee information may have been accessed and acquired by the unauthorized party in connection with this incident.”

Those who were potentially affected were notified through the mail, city officials said.