Oak Ridge North City Council members approved an ordinance on June 24 banning the founding of new short-term rental facilities within the city following concerns over noise and traffic from renters.

What you need to know

The ordinance outlines a number of regulations on existing short-term rental facilities and prevents the creation of future short-term rental facilities.

The ordinance states "increased public nuisances and disruption of neighborhoods have a detrimental impact on the local housing market by diminishing market supply and inflating the overall costs of housing; are not compatible with residential uses; and are not consistent with—and destructive to—the character of residential neighborhoods."

City officials said short-term rentals are not covered under any zoning policies for the city, and there are no rules outlined within the city's ordinances that allow the operation of short-term rentals.

Quote of note

"The City Council finds that enacting a licensing program for long-term rental units and existing short-term rental units, and prohibiting future short-term rental units will serve to balance the rights of all stakeholders," the ordinance reads.

What's next?

Any existing short-term rentals within the city are allowed to continue operations as long as they register with the city that they are a short-term rental space. If a homeowner is found to be operating a short-term rental without registration after June 24, a fine of up to $2,000 can be levied against the homeowner.