The city of Shenandoah has drafted a city ordinance overseeing short-term rentals in the city and will allow residents to come in front of the board for public comment at a future meeting, officials said at the June 12 meeting. A date has not yet been set for the ordinance to be formally introduced.

What to know

City Attorney William Ferebee presented a draft of the proposed ordinance which outlines possible requirements such as:
  • Owners of short-term rentals are to register with the city to notify the Shenandoah Police Department and for hotel occupancy tax purposes
  • Proposed limits include two people per bedroom in the home and four cars on the property
  • A camera must be put outside of the home to monitor noise in case of complaint.
  • The rules must be displayed in the home for renters to see.
The draft ordinance also states the city administrator would revoke the short-term rental registration if a violation was found and a $500 fine would be issued to the property owner, according to discussion at the meeting.

What they’re saying

“First of all, I am not one who wants to bring more regulation from a governmental standpoint,” said Council Member Ted Fletcher. “I think these things tend to work themselves out with the legislation we already have, and so I think it’s important that they participate in paying the HOT tax [because] that’s what is required of them.”

What’s next

The city attorney will add the recommendations made by the City Council to the ordinance. A date for further discussion has not yet been set.