The Woodlands Township board of directors approved $2.2 million to purchase six new trolleys April 24, and officials said they could be in operation by spring 2026.

What you need to know

As part of the effort to rehabilitate the trolley system in The Woodlands, as originally discussed in August budget workshops, the township authorized an additional $732,432 on top of the budgeted $1.5 million to cover the total cost.

Ruthanne Haut, director of transportation for the township, said the new trolleys would be propane-powered like the current ones. Haut also said township staff is seeking to get reimbursement for the new trolleys through Houston-Galveston Area Council Transportation Development Credits.

“I think the biggest noticeable difference is the low entry point for wheelchair accessibility on the new models and then also the permanent windows in the back,” Haut said. “It’s going to help with both maintenance and also visibility and quality of life for riders as well as help keep the trolleys a lot cooler.”

Also of note

The township also approved moving forward on $8.94 million for the purchase of three new fire trucks and two ladder trucks.

Fire Chief Palmer Buck said fire trucks are taking four to five years to build and roll out, which is why The Woodlands Fire Department has been working to keep a rolling supply of fire trucks and equipment. When the new trucks are ready for use, the current fire trucks will be just past their life expectancy.