Shenandoah City Council members approved $800,000 for the design and construction of a new veterans memorial park during the March 27 meeting.

What you need to know

John Tipton, senior landscape architect for landscape design firm Landology, gave a presentation to City Council members on March 27 outlining the design concept for a new veterans memorial park at 149 Pine Forest Drive in Shenandoah.

According to the planning documents, the total cost for the design and preliminary work will be $737,944.36. However, council members voted to approve $800,000 for the project to include contingency funds for the project.

The details

In the presentation from Tipton, the park layout will have metal plates for etching the names of city veterans as well as several intersecting walkways connecting to the Vision Park detention pond.

Additional park features approved during the meeting included:
  • A statue of the “battlefield cross”
  • Life-sized solider steel silhouettes
  • Guardrail lighting
  • Beacon lights for military flags
The park will also display flags from each military branch as well as the:
  • U.S. flag
  • Texas flag
  • City of Shenandoah flag
  • Prisoner of War/Missing in Action flag
Quote of note

“This park is going to be heavily used, so we think the location and how it interacts with the rest of the trail is really unique, and people are going to be excited about it,” Tipton said.

What’s next

Design work has been completed for the park, with construction ready to begin following the bid award to Landology for construction oversight and Landscape Art Inc. for actual construction. Work on the project is expected to begin over the summer.