The Woodlands Township board of directors approved a contract Sept. 22 with Toll Brothers development to plant trees along the Harris-Montgomery County Municipal Utility District 386 detention pond to provide a visual barrier for residents in the area as well as provide future amenity options. A specific dollar amount and number of trees was not determined at the meeting.

The details

The board approved the agreement with Toll Brothers to allow for a number of trees to be built along the side of the newest development in Creekside Park. However, the township will maintain the trees once they are planted in exchange for future use of the property surrounding the trees and detention pond for future amenity development.

Quote of note

Chief Operations Officer Chris Nunes said: “We were originally offered to basically maintain the trees without any real interest in the property, and that is not necessarily the best deal for the township. So we crafted an agreement that would allow us at some point in time in the future if the board so desires to add recreational amenities around a detention pond in the future for the responsibilities for the trees.”

What’s next

Toll Brothers will plant the trees alongside the new development at Kuykendahl and Indian Hills roads as the project nears completion. Township Director Shelley Sekula-Gibbs also requested the township look into similar agreements with developers in The Woodlands to provide natural visual and sound barriers.