After issues with temporary power outages in the Village of Creekside Park, The Woodlands Township board of directors discussed the need for more effort on behalf of CenterPoint Energy in order to address the issue at its Dec. 7 meeting.

CenterPoint Energy was scheduled to provide a presentation at the meeting, but the township's Chief Operating Officer Chris Nunes explained to the board that CenterPoint was unable to have the presentation prepared in time for the meeting. According to Nunes, the company sent a letter to the board describing the problems they have identified and the solutions the company is taking.

From Nov. 1 through Nov. 26, 12 power outages were recorded by CenterPoint and The Woodlands Township in Creekside Park, four of which occurred on Thanksgiving Day.

Nancy Becker, president of the Creekside Park Village Association, expressed the frustration building in the neighborhood over the outages.

”We thought things were okay until the outages on Thanksgiving and this past Saturday. We are at the point where escalation is required,” Becker said. “We know the problem extends outside of our area.”

According to the letter, the majority of the outages were caused by “trees and weather.” However, two instances were attributed to power lines touching due to wind, and CenterPoint expressed there will be a new pole installed in that area to prevent it from occurring again, according to Nunes.

“These challenges that our residents are facing in Creekside Park, we as a township are also impacted since we have facilities down there as well,” stated Nunes.

According to CenterPoint, there has not had a report of a power outage since Nov. 26. Ann Snyder, chair of The Woodlands board, expressed she had received notification from residents who had experienced power outages since then.

CenterPoint is expected to give a full presentation regarding their service at a future meeting, according to Nunes. The next Woodlands Township meeting is scheduled for Jan. 19 at 6 p.m. at 2801 Technology Forest Blvd., The Woodlands.