The second phase of a plan to connect a pathway in The Woodlands to Harper’s Landing will be proceeding following the approval of an amended agreement for around $37,000 during a May 19 meeting of The Woodlands board of directors.

The Woodlands board approved the change with a 5-0 vote. Directors Gordy Bunch and Bob Milner were absent from the meeting.

Chris Nunes, The Woodlands Township chief operating officer, detailed the project, saying construction on it is not anticipated to begin until 2025.

Nunes said adding the pathway going into Harper’s Landing is complicated due to various entities having properties along the route.

“It is a very intricate area that we are going through,” Nunes said. “There are lots of utilities, railroads and highways, and parcels.”

The approved second phase costs will cover the initial coordination of the project with Montgomery County, the Texas Department of Transportation and the railroad; a final schematic package; and environmental analysis.

When the project is completed, the pathway will total around 5,345 feet and connect the Harper’s Landing community to The Woodlands proper.

The project total is estimated to cost around $377,000 and will be paid for by the township’s transportation reserve.