The Shenandoah City Council awarded a contract for the construction of Holly Hill Trails Park, located at the northern cul-de-sac on Holly Hill Drive, in a 5-0 vote during a Dec. 15 meeting.

The cost of construction for the park is estimated around $389,902 and will be completed by Solid Bridge Construction LLC. Shenandoah Public Works Director Joseph Peart said the city has worked with Solid Bridge Construction LLC previously and had good experiences with the company.

Peart added there will be a surplus of around $60,000 due to the bid coming in under budget, but the surplus could be used for additional lighting or vegetation for the park.

Shenandoah City Council documents state the park has been designed to have a one-third mile loop for a concrete walking trail with drainage, trail lighting, benches, and new trees and bushes throughout the park. Discussions for the park started in late 2019 when it had been proposed for the 4.5 acres of land the city owns in the area.