The Shenandoah City Council weighed in on Montgomery County’s 2021 thoroughfare plan during a June 9 meeting.

The city is in favor of the extension of David Memorial Drive from Tamina Road to Hwy. 242 as well as improvements and an extension of Tamina Road from I-45 North to the east.

However, the council also opposed several proposed projects, particularly an overpass or underpass at Vision Park Drive to go over I-45 and the extension of Atkinson Lane north of Vision Park Drive.

Council Member Mike McLeod and Shenandoah Mayor Ritch Wheeler both expressed a desire to see Grogan’s Mill Road and Vision Park Drive be reclassified as minor arterial roads due to being narrow roads.

City Council documents indicate the proposed Vision Park overpass would provide “almost no benefits due to the narrowness of the structure,” and the project was removed from Shenandoah’s thoroughfare plan in 2018.

The council unanimously approved a resolution to be sent to the Montgomery County commissioners prior to the public comment deadline for the thoroughfare plan on June 11. The proposed thoroughfare plan is an update to the county's previous plan that was completed in 2016.