When to repair and when to replace: Tips from a local roofing expert


Brad Briggs
Texas Engineered Roofing
Local roofing expert answers questions about what homeowners should know to best care for their roofs.

How often should a homeowner replace their roof or have it inspected?
Many factors contribute to when replacement of a homeowner’s roof is required. These include excessive wear and tear or granular loss, storm-related damage from hail or wind, multiple leaks, [and]improper installation by a previous roofing contractor. [The roof should be replaced if] repair isn’t a valid option.
An asphalt shingle roof, especially one that’s over 10 years [old], should be inspected annually and have a preventative maintenance performed to help extend its lifespan if no storm-related damage is present. All asphalt shingled roofs should be inspected after a hurricane with high winds or after a hail storm. These storm-related events can shorten the overall lifespan of a roof and eventually allow water intrusion.

What is the most overlooked part of the roof that homeowners should be aware of?
Normally a homeowner’s roof is out of sight and therefore out of mind until a leak develops inside their house. All roof penetrations, including a chimney, pipe jacks, attic vents, furnace and water heater vents, are the main causes of leaks that can be prevented with proper maintenance.

According to The National Weather Service, August and September are the most active months for hurricanes. What should homeowners do to prepare their roofs before a potential storm hits?
Homeowners should reach out to a local, licensed roofing contractor prior to hurricane season who offers a free, no-obligation roof inspection. Preventative inspections and maintenance of their roof will more than likely get them and their homes through the stormy season without any problems.

What kind of roofing materials are best-suited to The Woodlands area?

The most economic roofing material is still the asphalt shingle. Other products, including metal and tile, have a longer lifespan, but unless this is a homeowner’s forever home or [the homeowners’ association]and [The Woodlands] Township approved, most roofs are installed with limited-lifetime asphalt shingles. A homeowner’s budget is also a major factor when considering what type of product to install on the roof. We mostly recommend CertainTeed asphalt shingles, but we are also certified to install GAF [brand roofing].

Homeowners should ask questions before hiring a roofing company. (via Source: Brad Briggs/community impact newspaper)

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