Ask A Realtor: 3 things to know about kitchen trends

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Tanna Villarreal

Local Realtors answer questions about trends and offer tips to homebuyers and sellers  in or around The Woodlands.

Tanna Villarreal

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1. What should homeowners know before deciding to remodel a kitchen in terms of cost?

Typically, remodeling a kitchen and master bath provide a good return on investment, but with the escalating price of construction and limitless options for finishes and amenities, it’s important to know how much is too much. Before beginning the project, talk with a Realtor and ask for sold comparables in your area. This will help establish your budget and provide information on what to expect the value of your home to be once the work is completed.

2. When installing new appliances or cabinets, what designs will add appeal to a home?

I think it’s important for cabinetry to have clean lines and simple finishes. When cabinets are flocked with ornate designs and heavy finishes, they feel outdated and will more adversely affect the seller’s ability to sell their home. When selecting appliances, try to splurge where possible. Find that signature piece and make it your centerpiece.

3. What are current popular kitchen design trends homeowners should be aware of?

Trends are nice, but try to avoid them. Many of today’s styles are updated versions of classic designs. As a homeowner, it’s important to convey your style without going so far into what’s trending that you have to remodel again in five years. Keep your finishes clean and decor simple. For many, this means nixing the greenery. Get it out of there because nothing dates your home faster.

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