A vision for the 50th anniversary celebrations in The Woodlands was discussed at an Aug. 23 meeting of The Woodlands Township, with themes set out beginning in October.

What's next

The celebrations will culminate on Oct. 19, 2024, the date of the founding of The Woodlands community.

Among the first actions marking the celebration will be the installation of 50th anniversary light pole banners throughout the township, according to information at the meeting. The board of directors approved $22,000 for the 150 light pole banners at the Aug. 23 meeting.

The following themes were discussed for the coming months:

  • October: overall history
  • November: giving thanks
  • December: celebrating holidays and culture
  • January: sustainability and the environment
  • February: health care
  • March: commercial, business and tourism
  • April: arts and events
  • May: public safety and fire department
  • June: nature, parks and trails
  • July: Town Center, The Waterway and recreation
  • August: education
  • September: county governance and The Woodlands' villages
  • October: a month of celebration
  • November: the future of The Woodlands
  • December: giving back
According to information at the meeting, The Woodlands Township is coordinating with The Howard Hughes Corp. on planning and promotion.

This year also marks the conveyance of The Woodlands Waterway from The Howard Hughes Corp. to The Woodlands.