More than 46,000 Montgomery County voters participated in early voting ahead of the March 3 primary election, with 10,673 Democratic and 35,936 Republican ballots cast between Feb. 18 and 28.

According to early voting totals posted by Texas Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughs, the 46,609 early votes are the most recorded in Montgomery County in a presidential primary year, surpassing the 46,097 early votes cast in the March 2016 primary election. Despite the higher count, the 13.4% turnout during early voting this February was lower than the 15.73% turnout recorded in 2016 and is in line with the 13.41% recorded for the March 2008 primary. Montgomery County saw a 9.46% turnout in the May 2012 primary election.

Republican voters outpaced 2016 primary totals through the first week of early voting but dipped over the last several days and fell below the high of nearly 41,500 votes set four years ago. Both years saw a higher turnout compared to the 22,792 early votes tallied in 2012 and the 17,183 tallied in 2008.

In the Democratic primary, the 10,673 early votes in February more than doubled the 4,606 early votes cast in 2016. That figure still fell below the high of 12,901 early votes recorded in March 2008 while far outpacing the less than 1,000 votes recorded in May 2012.

Montgomery County voters planning to vote on election day can visit the polling place within their voting precinct between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. March 3. A full list of the polling locations may be viewed here, and a map of the county's precincts may be viewed here. For more information, contact the office of Elections Administrator Suzie Harvey at 936-539-7843 or