More than 20,000 Montgomery County residents have voted in the March 3 general election since early and absentee voting opened Feb. 18. Between both Republican and Democratic primary voters, the county's early voting turnout is unlikely to surpass the nearly 47,000 ballots cast in spring 2016 before early voting ends Feb. 28.

Registered voters may still participate in early voting at any of the eight standard polling places throughout the county this week between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Voters may visit the office of Elections Administrator Suzie Harvey for limited ballots and special forms of early voting.

Through six days of early voting, more than 16,100 Republican ballots have been submitted throughout the county for several local, state and national races, including the presidency, held by Republican incumbent Donald Trump. In the March primary election of 2016, the last presidential election year, around 42,200 Montgomery County Republicans participated in early voting. Nearly 23,000 Republicans voted early in the May 2012 election, and more than 17,200 voted early in March 2008.

On the Democratic side, nearly 4,000 votes have been cast early for the March primary election through Feb. 23. That figure is similar to the March 2016 primary vote total of 4,674 and outpaces the May 2012 total of around 1,000, when incumbent President Barack Obama headed the ballot. More than 12,900 Montgomery County Democrats voted early in the March 2008 primary election.

The early votes represent a fraction of the county's more than 340,600 registered voters recorded in November 2019. The number of registered voters in Montgomery County has steadily risen through the past several decades and increased 41.7% since 2009.