The Woodlands Township bought four decommissioned school buses from Conroe ISD to use for live training scenarios for The Woodlands Fire Department.

Two-minute impact

The Conroe ISD board of trustees approved the interlocal agreement at a school board meeting Sept. 19. The removal of the decommissioned buses will create space for more school buses on the district's property. Terms of the agreement include:
  • After training is complete, The Woodlands Township will pay to take the buses to a recycling center for disposal.
  • The recycling center will issue a check to Conroe ISD for the scrap value of the buses.
Assistant Superintendent of Operations Chris McCord said the buses don't serve the district in any way, and their removal will open up much-needed space in the transportation parking lot.

"We have 113 parking spots in the Conroe Transportation Center that are formal parking spots for buses," he said. "Between finding places for the buses to park and people that work at the transportation center, we have needs for people and/or buses to park."

McCord said the district has entered into similar agreements in the past.

Quote of note

"I think it's amazing," Trustee Tiffany Nelson said. "I think it's great that they are able to do this, run drills, go through real-life situations in the buses."