The Conroe ISD board of trustees received over 700 name submissions for new campuses during a May 18 meeting. A decision will be made in June.

The list of names was provided to the board by CISD Director of Communications Sarah Blakelock. According to Blakelock, the names will be considered by the board during its June 15 meeting.

The new elementary school located at 2045 McCaleb Road, which is set to open in August 2022, received 449 name submissions.

A new junior high school that is planned to replace the current Moorhead Junior High School, located at 13715 Grangerland Road, received 141 submissions. Among the submissions was to keep the name as Moorhead Junior High School.

The current Moorhead Junior High School is being converted into an intermediate school, and if the school’s name is to change, it received 57 submissions for its new name.

The teacher training center being built next to the Woodforest Bank Stadium, which is anticipated to open in spring 2022, received 82 name submissions, including acronyms rather than just names.

CISD’s virtual school, which is still awaiting approval by the state, received 36 submissions for names. If approved, the school will open this fall.

The full list of names will be available on CISD’s website.