The Center for Teaching and Learning moved from its location on Kuykendahl Road to a renovated equestrian center on Hufsmith Road in Tomball at the beginning of the 2020-21 year and is eyeing future expansions to its high school, school officials said.

Established in 2014, the nonprofit private school currently enrolls grades pre-K-10 in areas including The Woodlands. According to Linda Ellis, the founder and head of the school, the center’s leaders wanted to establish it in a permanent location with space to grow, and it is now located only four minutes from the previous building.

“It’s good to ... finally have our own home,” Ellis said. “We’ve been leasing for the last six years; this is our seventh year as a school.”

Ellis said the center has plans to continue expanding by adding 11th and 12th grades in upcoming years by converting the former barn areas.

“Right now we’re looking at expanding the next horse barn—Barn Five—into a high school. ... Our plan is that we will be ready for school for next year because we expect that our middle school and high school will grow,” she said.

The school’s maximum capacity is limited, so it will remain a small school, but she said she believes that is part of its appeal.

“We know each other well, and we operate as a family at this school, so we want to stay small,” she said.

The school offered online learning in March through May but has been in person while following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines since then.

Center for Learning and Learning

10431 Hufsmith Road, Tomball