The Texas Education Agency compiles information about campuses in each public school district each academic year, including enrollment and demographics. Normally, it also includes results from the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness tests, but those were not held this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Conroe ISD Demographic data

Conroe ISD schools have a student population that is predominantly white, Latino/Hispanic and African American. Among other statistics tracked by the Texas Education Agency, schools in the district vary in the number of economically disadvantaged students enrolled, with some schools as low as 5% and others at 90% or higher.

Districtwide demographics

Editor's note: The student demographic breakdown for Conroe ISD has been updated from the version included in the October 2020 print edition for The Woodlands.

Conroe ISD has a higher percentage of white students and teachers than the state average. For example, 78.1% of its teachers are white, according to demographic information released by the Texas Education Agency. The district also has a smaller percentage of African American and Hispanic students than the state averages.