Liliana Luna and Miguel Becerril were inspired to open a Latin vegan cafe through their need to follow a healthy lifestyle to support their 2-year-old son who was diagnosed with glycogen storage disease.

Ome Calli Cafe, a name influenced by the couple's Aztec roots, translates to "second home" and opened in August 2023. During the opening, the cafe held a ceremony in which the space was blessed by Aztec dancers to honor their culture, Luna said.

Meet the owners

In early 2023, Luna and Becerril found a home in The Woodlands after making the decision to move from Oregon in their search of an environment that fit their lifestyle and community needs.

Prior to moving, Luna said they had never been to The Woodlands, but the decision influenced by the nature surrounding the community.

“It was truly an adventure,” Luna said.

As a couples therapist, Luna knew she could continue practicing her profession; however, after taking part in her family's vegan food truck El Mictlan located on Sawdust Road, the couple was inspired to open their own business.

On their way to a coffee stop the couple stumbled upon the future cafe location, previously known as Artisan Culture Coffee.

“Miguel and I have a heavy history of visiting cute little coffee shops," Luna said. "That's where we would have a lot of conversations—brave conversations, difficult conversations; you know, between us and with our family, and we just love coffee."

The owner at the time happened to be searching for a buyer to take ownership of the cafe. That's when the couple realized they had stumbled upon what would become Ome Calli Cafe.

On the menu

Ome Calli Cafe offers Mexican vegan dishes, traditional coffee, artisanal coffee options including mushroom coffee, caffeine free drinks and baked goods. All drinks at the cafe are made with organic plant-based milk unless otherwise requested.

As the cafe's chef, Becerril creates dishes inspired by his mother’s teachings and his own ideas.

“I grew up with a family with economic challenges and an alcoholic father,” Becerril said. “We often had difficulty searching for our next meal so I saw my mother’s need for assistance and learned to cook for my family.”

Popular dishes served at Ome Calli Cafe include:
  • Chilaquiles made with crispy tortillas, vegan sour cream, vegan cheese, onions and cilantro served with soy chorizo and beans.
  • Molletes consist of an open-faced roll loaded with refried beans, soy chorizo, vegan feta cheese, pico de gallo and pickled onions.
  • Loaded avocado toast made with avocado salad, soy-chorizo, an over medium egg, topped with green sprouts and a tomato salad on a multigrain toasted bread.
  • Quesadillas made with plant-based chorizo, mushrooms and cactus, served with a cabbage salad.
“[Miguel] is very passionate, he's very creative and he's pretty abundant in the way that he cooks,” Luna said.

Along with catering services, Becerril said the cafe added tepache, a pineapple skin fermented drink made with piloncillo, a type of unrefined sugar, spices and water to the menu in late April.

“One thing that I've noticed about this space is that we have people from all walks of life, all kinds of people, different backgrounds, ages and we welcome everyone,” Luna said. “We believe and support all humanity.”