Kuykendahl Road champagne and cupcake bar Cupcakes and Bubbles was originally established in 2018; however, Colombian couple Paola and Santiago Velasco took over ownership in July, expanding the business with dining options.

The couple decided to keep the concept of the business consisting of fresh cupcakes and champagne while adding a Colombian twist.

The setup

Santiago Velasco's experience in the baking industry through his years as a bakery owner in his early 20s along with Paola Velasco’s experience in marketing led the couple to acquire Cupcakes and Bubbles earlier this year.

The couple said they were fond of the concept, which was an establishment that sold freshly baked organic cupcakes with a combination of wine and champagne. Santiago Velasco said the couple decided to maintain the concept of the business, including the cupcake recipes, and added their own dining options.

Some dining options added include treats from other countries, including Argentinian empanadas; cachapas from Venezuela, a traditional dish made from maize flour; pandebonos, Colombian bread made of cassava starch, cheese and eggs; and pan de yucas or yucca bread, made of cassava starch and cheese.

Other dining options include egg bites, pesto and cheese bites, and gourmet pizzas on the weekends. The eatery also offers premium coffee for date nights, gatherings and family events.

The couple also made modifications to Cupcakes and Bubbles previous coffee options. With their newly added espresso machine, Cupcakes and Bubbles has designed a new coffee menu consisting of Colombian coffee selections.

The details

Further plans are in place for Cupcakes and Bubbles to add breakfast and brunch options to its menu, including Colombian and Mexican dishes.

While the couple decided to maintain the same cupcake recipes as the previous owners, consisting of fresh ingredients and gluten-free options without preservatives, they have expanded the wine and champagne list to include a variety of options, such as sangria and mimosas.

Cupcakes and Bubbles also offers catering and off-site events with party favors, dessert bars, wine, beer and champagne by the case. Off-site events include a mobile wine refrigerator with an attendant provided.

“We are the perfect place for bridal showers and baby showers,” Paola Velasco said.

While the cupcake bar is ideal for adult gatherings, the Velascos said the establishment is designed to cater to both children and adults.

“We try to work really hard to make our customers happy and welcome customers' visions to build their personalized experience desired,” Santiago Velasco said.