Khau Gully Indian Kitchen, a 100% vegetarian Indian restaurant, joined The Woodlands area in April. Restaurant owners Jitu and Hema Chudasama said they wanted to provide a style of cuisine the community could benefit from.

The backstory

The couple has prior restaurant experience with their other restaurant, Namaste Indian Cuisine, located on Sawdust Road.

Jitu said prior to being a restaurant owner he was in the tech industry. His passion for cooking led him to leave that field and use his experience in management as well as his cooking skills to start a restaurant in 2018.

“I took the money from that big severance check, and I opened my first restaurant, and I must say since then I haven't looked back,” Jitu said.

Jitu said while running his first restaurant he realized the need for a completely vegetarian Indian restaurant.

“The majority of our Indian community in the area are vegetarian,” Jitu said.

Although the restaurant idea stemmed from the need for vegetarian cuisine in the Indian community, Jitu said he hopes others will give Indian vegetarian food a chance.

The name of the restaurant, Khau Gully, means “an eating street,” as street food is often found in major cities of India. Khau means “eat,” while Gully means “street,” Jitu said.

What's on the menu?

At Khau Gully, customers can expect a casual ambiance with completely vegetarian Indian cuisine as well as a variety of street food options in a fast-food, self-service style.

Jitu and Hema said some customer favorites they recommend include chatpati chaats, which are like snacks or side dishes, and vegetarian thaali, a sampler that includes small portions of multiple food items. A thaali can include two curries, lentils, rice, bread (puri or roti), raita or an Indian yogurt side dish, a pickle, and dessert.

The restaurant menu items are cooked with fresh ingredients from local Houston distributors. Drinks offered include Indian soda, such as Thumbs Up, Jeera Masala Soda and Limca, as well as lassi and chai, a spiced tea beverage.

Other services the restaurant offers include delivery and full-service catering with site setups, food preparation and bartending.