Waffle Daddy opened Dec. 31 on Rayford Road. Waffle Daddy opened Dec. 31 on Rayford Road.[/caption]

Waffle Daddy, a new business specializing in Belgian street waffles and gourmet coffee, opened Dec. 21 at 1810 Rayford Road, Spring.

Co-owner Matt Galindo said since he and his brother opened the restaurant last week, the waffle business has already begun to see a consistent customer base.

“We’ve been selling out on some days,” Galindo said. “Our waffles are made differently and not with the regular batter—we use a dough-based yeast. They taste awesome. We also caramelize the waffles with sugar.”

Galindo said while Waffle Daddy only offers handmade sweet waffles, savory waffles will be added to the menu in the future, along with pastries, scones and croissants. Gourmet coffees are currently available with the sweet waffles and include espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

Waffle Daddy
1810 Rayford Road, Spring