Newman Development Corporation began the first stage of a large movement project March 2 that will relocate three large live oaks to prevent them from being cut down ahead of a 50-acre development project at the intersection of Gosling and West Rayford roads.

The new development, called “Gosling Oaks,” is slated to contain 120,000 square feet of retail and medical office space with a 390-unit mutlifamily complex, according to a news release from the company.

During the land clearing process for the development, owner Nate Newman stated they wanted to think creatively about how they could clear the land with minimal environmental impact. After completing several ecological surveys and bringing in an arborist on-site to determine the viability and health of trees for being moved, three large live oaks were selected to be uprooted and replanted in different locations on the development.

“Whenever we’re doing these projects, we want to make sure we’re doing them the right way. And for me I felt a strong conviction that we are called to be stewards of the land, and to me that meant, ‘Why don’t we figure out a way to save these trees,’” Newman said.

The process will take roughly 10 days to move each tree and will involve turning off Centerpoint Energy power lines temporarily to prevent damage to the lines or tree during the moving process.

“We just felt like, if we can, let’s save the trees that are possible, especially the ones that have the most impact,” Newman said.

The live oaks will be placed around in the entry area for the development and will be incorporated into the final construction of the area.