Development of the East Shore island Aria Isle will begin in 2022, and the development company will install a floating bridge in the early stages, affecting watercraft access from the lower section of The Woodlands Waterway to Lake Woodlands, according to a news release from The Woodlands Township.

According to the township, the installation of the bridge will occur around Jan. 1.

Developer The Howard Hughes Corp. said the temporary bridge is needed to keep construction trucks from having to drive through the community during development.

"We will place a temporary floating bridge to Aria Isle in East Shore during land development operations to provide an alternate route for construction trucks to give them access to the island," said Heath Melton, a regional president for The Howard Hughes Corp. "The bridge will be installed in January and is temporary for approximately two to three months. One of the biggest concerns expressed by the residents in East Shore was the construction traffic, especially during land development operations. The temporary floating bridge allows access to the island without having large truck traffic come through the community during the land development efforts. We have communicated and coordinated closely with the residents of East Shore leading up to the start of development, and look forward to continuing to do so throughout the project."

According to the township, watercraft users will be able to navigate to the southeast side of the island and proceed beneath the current East Shore Island Bridge. A buoy line will be put in place on either side of the temporary bridge. Clearance under the permanent East Shore bridge is 6.5 feet during normal lake level conditions, according to the township. This alternative route will be used by vehicles rented from Riva Row Boat House, and watercraft rented from Lakes Edge Boat House will also be able to access the lower waterway from that location.

As for residents using personal watercraft, the township release said users should use caution when passing beneath the permanent bridge, and pontoon-style boats may not be able to cross under the structure. Watercraft should not attempt to cross over or under the floating bridge, which sits on the surface of the water, according to the township.