Market Street in The Woodlands will undergo renovations beginning in June that will include several new features for residents to enjoy.

Jenny Taylor, general manager of Market Street, said the renovation project will be complete in November. Renovations include improving pedestrian pathways, enhancing lighting in the area and renovating the central park area of Market Street.

“We aim to have the renovations completed by Thanksgiving; that is our timeline,” Taylor said. “Some of these improvements will be to enhance the customer’s experience while being here. Our central park area, which we are somewhat known for holding different types of events there, is probably what will be most noticeable.”

Taylor said the central park renovations in Market Street will also include a new fountain feature, synthetic turf and shade structures as well as new interactive sculptures. Market Street officials declined to give an exact cost for the renovation, however they said the investment will be significant.

“It’ll be a fairly expensive project, especially the park itself,” she said. “But then we have some of the not-so-sexy parts of the project, like concrete work, that we’re doing and adding additional planters.”

Taylor said while the renovations are expected to take around five or six months, the projects are not expected to interfere with traffic at Market Street or tenants in the area.

“Everything will remain open with the exception of the actual central park itself,” she said. “As far as the thoroughfares and actual driving and walking around, that will not be a problem. We may have days where it will be a little more challenging than others, but those days should be few and far between.”

Taylor said in addition to the renovations being done at Market Street, the shopping center is also undergoing a rebranding as well. Signage throughout the center will be redesigned with a new logo and lighting to reflect Market Street’s new branding.