Harmony Commons Shopping Center to bring amenities to Rayford Road corridor


Adding to the recent business growth along the Rayford Road and Grand Parkway corridor, Harmony Commons Shopping Center, an upcoming commercial development, is expected to open for tenants in early summer.

Zach Armstrong, a broker for J. Beard Real Estate Company in The Woodlands, said the three-building development, located on the corner of the Grand Parkway at Discovery Creek Boulevard, is part of a planned 18-acre commercial and retail development. Construction began last summer.

The new shopping center joins a variety of recent residential, retail and commercial developments in the Grand Parkway and Rayford Road area, such as the H-E-B Spring Creek Market, the Harmony community and the Birnham Woods Marketplace.

Armstrong said the first phase includes two buildings, which total 19,200 square feet, and is expected to be available for tenants in May. A third building, which is 3,500 square feet, is still in the planning stages and will be announced as available later this year.

“The unique feature to this development is a 36-foot-tall tower with illuminated tenant sign panels, which is centrally located in the middle of the three buildings,” Armstrong said. “The idea behind the tower was to allow more visibility to the tenants in Building 2 that faces H-E-B and Rayford Road.”

Armstrong said J. Beard is already negotiating leases for a variety of tenants to fill nearly 90 percent of the center. Tenants approved so far include a MOD Pizza location and a second location for Robichaus Jewelry.

“The center will offer a great mix of fast-casual and traditional dining, jewelry and health and lifestyle services, along with other types of great business,” Armstrong said. “Harmony Commons is well-positioned at the heart of the Grand Parkway and Rayford Road corridor and adds to the synergy that has been created with the other businesses in the Harmony commercial development.”

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  1. What other stores/restaurants are contracted to lease at Harmony Commons? I’m really really hoping for some more dining options, specifically Jason’s Deli or another type of sandwich shop!

  2. Let me tell you about the synergy they’ve created…residents bordering this commercial property are angry that so many trees have been cut down. What was supposed to be a 50 foot barrier has become a 30 foot barrier. Old growth trees have been massacred in the name of commerce (“paved paradise and put up a parking lot”). The trees left will probably die from construction shock. Our quality of life was leveled along with the trees, so if you are a business moving in there please consider the fact that you have angry neighbors who are mad about the addition of traffic noise, light noise and the elimination of our quality of life and no diamond store is going to restore that! That is the synergy J. Beard has created!!

    • The planning and implementation of this site illustrates what occurs when there is no consideration for the environment. This unnecessary destruction of irreplaceable trees negatively impacts quality of life. Homeowners of nearby properties are devastated by the brutal disregard for nature and wildlife. And remember, the more concrete, the more flooding. Shame….

  3. Angela Jacobson

    PLEASE stop cutting down the trees!!! The amount of trees that have been cut down thus far is way more than what was in the original plan!! There’s absolutely no need to not leave trees behind this center!

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