The standard gyms with free weights and cardio machines are becoming a thing of the past in The Woodlands, according to local fitness facility owners.

Over the past year, several unique fitness businesses have opened their doors in The Woodlands area, including Frog Fitness, Yellow Jacket Fitness and Wicked Core. Although all three of these businesses offer different types of fitness training, one thing they all have in common is an intimate setting.

“I think [fitness boutiques] are becoming more popular because people really like the personal touch,” Wicked Core owner Deborah Miner said. “When you walk into a big gym, you may check in at the front desk, but you do your own thing and then leave and wonder if anyone even really noticed you were there. When you walk in at Wicked Core, we know who you are, what your goals are, what you struggle with, and we’re glad you’re here. You’re not just a number.”

Wicked Core opened in October, offering private and group classes employing the low-impact, high-intensity workout technique known as the Lagree method. Using a Megaformer M3S machine, participants work out the slow-twitch muscle fibers, which stretches muscles without bulking, according to the company website.

Just a few months prior, Richard Pearce opened Frog Fitness off Timberloch Place in July. Contrary to Wicked Core’s technique, Frog Fitness uses Pearce’s own equipment, The Frog, for high-intensity interval- and strength-training.

“People these days are really loving group classes,” said Steven Roblado,  Frog Fitness Chief Occupational Officer. “They like to find places where they can go and meet people and break the monotony of their workouts to avoid plateauing. [Frog Fitness] not only offers The Frog, but we also have Astroturf for boot camps, and it’s a warehouse style—so we’re definitely not a traditional gym.”

Also offering boot-camp style workouts in The Woodlands is Yellow Jacket Fitness, which opened off Rayford Road in August. Co-owner and manager Ali Saladino said modern fitness boutiques like Yellow Jacket offer a variety of group classes targeting different muscles and skills tailored to meet individual needs.

“Having a coach lead you through a class, I think, really keeps you accountable and motivated to reach your goals,” Saladino said. “There are many fitness facilities that specialize in one thing, but we’re unique because we offer a variety of different types of classes while still providing an individualized experience in a group setting. I think this trend will just continue to get stronger in 2017.”