The Montgomery County commissioners unanimously agreed to reimbursing municipality requests across the county with minimal modifications during a Dec. 8 meeting.

Following a completed audit from the county, the commissioners agreed to reimburse over $450,000 in incurred expenses brought on by the coronavirus pandemic from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act funding it received.

The only notable change to the reimbursed amounts came to a request from The Woodlands Township, which had its request of $274,372.42 reduced by about 11% due to a portion of its population residing in Harris County.

Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack noted The Woodlands had received funding from Harris County as well. As such, the township received around $244,000 for its request.

Following the audit, municipalities received the following amounts:

  • The Woodlands Township: $244,192.34

  • City of Conroe: $73,602.30

  • City of Splendora: $6,428.81

  • City of Shenandoah: $2,661.76

  • City of Stagecoach: $2,488.37

  • City of Patton Village: $750

  • City of Magnolia: $6,234.65

  • Montgomery County Emergency Services District No. 8: $5,967.19

  • Montgomery County ESD No. 6: $5,688.50

  • Montgomery County ESD No. 1: $10,247.84

  • Montgomery County ESD No. 10: $52,954.87

  • Montgomery County ESD No. 2: $12,109.79

The commissioners had initially discussed the reimbursement payments during a Nov. 30 meeting but deferred the decision to allow the audit to be completed.