Montgomery County's active COVID-19 case total grew by 85 on July 1, the highest single-day increase reported yet in the county, according to the Montgomery County Public Health District and the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management.

Overall, 917 COVID-19 cases are currently active in the county, up from the 832 reported as of June 30. Of those, 894—more than 97%—remain in self-isolation.

The county's total case count grew by 124 on July 1 and now stands at 2,257. Thirty-nine recoveries were also reported July 1, and the county's total recovery rate now sits at nearly 58%.

No new hospitalizations of county residents were reported July 1, although the number of COVID-19 patients in county hospitals grew by 18, according to data from the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council. Of the 184 people currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 in the county, 137 remain in general beds and 47 are in ICU beds.