A mobile coronavirus testing site is coming to Tamina Community Park for free testing of area residents May 11-12.

Among those that made the site possible is Rita Wiltz, executive director of Children's Books on Wheels, who said the effort was shared between Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. D-Houston; Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts; City Cathedral Church, the Tamina Steering Committee and the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

"A lot of services that we need in Tamina, we don't have access to," Wiltz said. "We needed testing right here in the community for the seniors and for the children and families that are here."

Wiltz said it was necessary to keep the testing clinic free due to the number of people in the immediate area that are out of work.

"It's important that we have testing not just for the community but for the people that you come into contact with," Wiltz said. "It took a lot of jumping through hoops, and we reached out to everyone to get testing done."

Wiltz said the site aims to test over 150 people per day while it is in operation. The clinic will be open from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.