The Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is still processing a number of buyout requests through federal flooding assistance programs from 2015-22, according to the department. Based on an update published to social media on March 6, the county is expected to close on the purchase of five homes by the end of March with federal funds as part of its buyout program.

Based on the flooding events in 2015 and 2016, and Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Montgomery County has been in charge of administering a buyout program to homes that qualified under certain housing income limits within designated flood plain areas.

According to an update posted to social media and on the Montgomery County website, the MCOHSEM has purchased a total of 21 homes since 2015, with an additional five homes closing in March.

Following Tropical Storm Imelda in 2019, Montgomery County applied and received approval for another buyout program, which has allowed the MCOHSEM to buy out 12 homes and relocate another 10 in partnership with the Texas General Land Office. Another flooding mitigation assistance program from 2020 has extended offers to 22 homeowners so far, with three homes scheduled to be bought out by the end of March, according to the MCOHSEM.

Montgomery County is also seeking approval for two more flood assistance programs, according to the update, one of which is expected to have possible approval in June. The first is for additional funds that could aid with home buyouts, and is going through a technical and program review process by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The second program would be specific to Montgomery County Precinct 4 and could possibly provide funding to identify projects within the area that could help prevent flooding events from being as impactful on residents.