Montgomery County Precinct 3 to begin mosquito spraying after West Nile virus detected in sample


Montgomery County Precinct 3 announced May 13 its mosquito-abatement team recorded the first positive test of a mosquito tested for West Nile virus this season in a sample taken May 10.

As a result of the test, mosquito spraying will begin in the area where the positive sample was obtained, officials said in a news release May 13.

The area will also be sprayed the morning of May 16. Treatment includes spraying county rights of way and streets within the affected area twice in a week.

“Our office is working diligently to minimize the risk of contracting a mosquito-borne illness,” Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack said in the release.

Precinct 3 provides a treatment activity map to show when spraying will occur in neighborhoods where disease activity was detected.

The county advises residents to avoid outdoor activity during the scheduled treatment hours and to take protective measures such as using insect repellent; wearing long, light, loose clothing; and eliminating standing water on property.

“The one thing that all mosquitoes require to breed is a source of water. Be sure to turn over or remove anything from your yard that can hold water,” Precinct 3 Mosquito Abatement Director Justin Fausek said in the release. “If you have areas where you can’t get rid of the water, such as a birdbath or meter box, you can treat it with a larvicide containing BTI instead.”

The mosquito-abatement team can be reached at 281-364-4203 to provide appointments or customized advice on how to deal with mosquito-related issues.

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  1. There are better alternatives to controlling misquitoes than spraying chemicals that kill our pollinators and impact bird populations. Not to mention the harm to people.

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