Shenandoah council denies use of stucco replacement material in The Centro


Following a 3-2 vote from the Shenandoah City Council on April 24, the developer of The Centro has been denied using a new material to replace the use of stucco for building homes as part of The Centro.

The Centro consists of 96 single-family residences and 18 detached live-work units ranging from $300,000 to $400,000. The development is located near I-45 and Hwy. 242..

Attorney Brett Strong, who represents The Centro builder Palmetto Homes, said the developer sought an amendment to the planned development district to use a replacement material for siding the exterior of the homes. Documents submitted from Palmetto Homes indicate the city’s integrated development code requires developers to have 80% masonry content, which the new material does not have.

“The real issue here is that it’s a new material and it’s not on your approved list, nor has it been tested as a combination by the certification sources that are listed in your development code,” Strong said. “If this isn’t passed, the client is going to have to raise the price of a home and in their opinion, provide a slower delivery.”

Strong added an increased price may be passed on to future buyers if stucco is used.

Council member Ron Raymaker made a motion to deny the amendment. Raymaker said Palmetto had signed an agreement to adhere to the masonry requirement in order to develop the project.

“You’ve known the price point of your homes for four years now,” Raymaker said. “What I’m asking you to do is abide by the agreement you made with the city. I just don’t like this moving around … just stick by your agreement.”

Council member Michael McLeod said he had concerns with Shenandoah being the testing ground for a new material.

“This is a totally new product,” McLeod said. “We know what stucco has to do to work right. We know it requires a proper workman.”

If the developer still wishes to pursue using the new material, there is a six-month “time out” period. Strong said with the denial, Palmetto plans to advance using stucco.

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