Township to discuss incorporation in 2017 Although there is no set timeline for incorporation, The Woodlands will continue researching the topic in 2017.[/caption]

What we reported
In September, The Woodlands Township board of directors voted to adopt the fiscal year 2016-17 budget after reallocating $2.5 million, which was set aside for the possibility of incorporation during the township’s budget workshop in mid-August. However, the board voted 4-3 to remove the reserve before finally approving the budget.

The latest
In November, the township board voted to reinstate the $2.5 million reserve for incorporation. Additionally, the directors discussed the possibility of commissioning an updated study on incorporation in 2017 to have up-to-date information before moving forward with additional planning initiatives.

What’s next
The township board will have an incorporation-focused workshop meeting in February, allowing directors to lay out questions and concerns regarding information already disseminated on the topic. The township will also spend time during the state legislative session that began Jan. 10 to determine improvements to its enabling legislation that may be necessary to move forward with incorporation. Residents of The Woodlands will have the final say on whether to incorporate if the board of directors votes to place a referendum on a future ballot. There is no timeline for such
a vote.

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