Ever since she was a little girl, Piney Rose Floral owner Taylor Handfelt said she has had an interest in creative expression and a love of flowers.Through the encouragement of her husband, Cullen, the Handfelts started their floral business in 2016, when it operated out of the duo’s house in The Woodlands.

“Right out of college, I opened my own Etsy shop and sold handmade things,” Handfelt said, referring to the e-commerce site. “I discovered fresh flowers about 4 1/2 years ago, and people would ask me to do things like baby showers and weddings. ... I pushed to do it full-time from Cullen’s encouragement.”

When starting out, Handfelt said there were times their home would be so full of flowers that she and Cullen would find another place to sleep the night before an event because there was no room for them.

On Dec. 7, 2019, Piney Rose moved to a storefront on Research Forest Boulevard and expanded its services, including free delivery in The Woodlands area.“I give so much credit to our employees that have stuck with us that long, who were working in the house space,” Handfelt said. “Sometimes I pinch myself. ... I remember a year ago that this was such a grand vision, and now it’s a reality.”Expanding during uncertain times

According to the Handfelts, when the first coronavirus measures were put into place in March, Piney Rose continued to do well by offering free, no-contact deliveries throughout The Woodlands area. “We saw a lot of people ordering flowers for family members they could not see and could not be with,” Cullen said.

Handfelt said some customers ordered from them to help keep them in business.

“The blessing is not lost on us,” she said. “Our community has really supported us. When [coronavirus] first hit ... people were worried about us, so instead of shopping from Amazon, they were calling us nonstop.”Since opening the storefront, Piney Rose has expanded its total offerings to include a selection of fresh flowers that can be assembled in the store, custom arrangements, candles and gifts such as puzzles.The Handfelts have also made it a point to continue to give back to the community by partnering with area nonprofits, such as Interfaith of The Woodlands, Montgomery County Yes to Youth and the Montgomery County Food Bank, by donating flowers for events and galas.

“We really want to be a part of this community,” Cullen said.

Looking to 2021, the Handfelts said they are planning to begin installations to showcase floral art around the area.

Handfelt added she is grateful for the business she has been able to build as well.

“I see the vision I have had for so long. ... To say it is a dream is an understatement,” she said.

Piney Rose Floral

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