Jeffery & Company Jewelers offers unique finds for holiday season


For those still looking for gifts this holiday season, Jeffery & Company Jewelers carries a wide array of unique jewelry pieces, from martini-shaped cufflinks and rings made from whiskey barrels to monogrammed necklaces and gem-studded dinner rings. 

Owner Jeffery Anolik and General Manager Andrea Holt opened the business in November 2017 on Creekside Forest Drive in The Woodlands.

“We’re a full-service independent jeweler. That doesn’t exist anymore,” Holt said. “It’s a locally owned store, and just because we’re new doesn’t mean we’re new to the business.” 

Holt said Anolik has worked as a jeweler for decades and has many years of experience in working with vintage and modern jewelry to create custom pieces.

The store offers a wide range of new items as well as pieces acquired from markets and estate sales, with some dating back to the 1940s.

“Jeffery’s been in the business forever, so some of it is estate jewelry, some of it is new jewelry,” Holt said. “His expertise is taking old jewelry and turning it into something new and modern.”

When Anolik decided to open a store in the Greater Houston area, he said The Woodlands was chosen for its ambiance and community feel.

“It certainly has a unique flavor,” Anolik said. 

Pieces at the store include wedding, engagement and cocktail rings as well as pendants, bracelets and earrings. Jeffery & Company also carries men’s jewelry, such as rings, cufflinks and vintage and new watches.

Customers can find newer brands, such as LaFonn and Luminox, as well as well-known names, such as Tiffany, Chopard and Cartier. The store also carries rare pieces and hard-to-find stones from all over the world, including South American mother of pearl and Paraiba Tourmaline, a blue-hued stone found in Brazil. Holt said prices at the store start at $100 with items for nearly every budget.

“We offer a variety of price points. If you’ve got a holiday party, we’ve got bling at every level for all parties and gifts … [such as]sterling silver with synthetic diamonds and 18 karat gold with exquisite diamonds and gemstones,” Holt said. “Our jewelry is gorgeous and diverse. Typically there is something for every taste … and if not, we do offer custom design.”

The store also offers jewelry cleaning and repair, watch repair, sizing and appraisals, Anolik said. Jewelry boxes, travel cases, cleaning solutions and gifts such as home decor items, like candlesticks, can also be found. 

The business is also active in The Woodlands-area community. Holt said the business works with a number of nonprofit organizations in the area, including Henry’s Home for Horses, Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch and the Montgomery County Women’s Center.

Holt said for those shopping for the holiday season, there are a few things to keep in mind if they are unsure of what to get, such as how much they want to spend and some basic information about the recipient.

“One of my favorite questions is, ‘Does your wife have a favorite color?’” Holt said. “My goal is to assist them in picking out something that the person is going to like. If you’re looking for something, ask us, because we may very well have it or have access to it. We have the common, but we can find almost anything.”

Jeffery & Company Jewelers
8522 Creekside Forest Drive, The Woodlands
Hours: Tue.-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. closed Mondays

When choosing a diamond, customers can use four criteria for identifying levels of quality.
-Carat: This refers to the measure of weight of a diamond. One carat is roughly 200 milligrams.
-Color: Higher-quality diamonds are judged by their absence of color and should have no hue.
-Clarity: This refers to the interior of the diamond and whether blemishes—referred to as inclusions—exist.
-Cut: This refers to how the diamond’s shape interacts with light and is graded on brightness and symmetry.
Source: Gemological Institute of America/Community Impact Newspaper

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