FIRST LOOK: Cupcakes & Bubbles offers handcrafted cupcakes, champagne on tap


After spending years in the oil and gas industry, Cailean Gysler decided to take her passion for baking to the next level and opened Cupcakes & Bubbles, a bakery offering organic cupcakes, champagne and sparkling wines.

The bar and bakery opened July 24 in the Creekside Park area, giving The Woodlands community a new concept to enjoy, Gysler said.

“I think champagne is kind of missed a little bit—everyone right now is on a wine kick,” she said. “But at the same time I wanted to educate people more about champagne and that you can drink it every day and it’s not necessarily a celebratory drink.”

Gysler said she wanted to do something fun and different while also utilizing her baking skills. The business also works to find the best possible ingredients to use in the kitchen, she said.

“We have our kitchen in the back, and our staff gets here at 5 a.m. and we bake fresh every day,” Gysler said. “We make sure to have most flavors on hand at all times. The other thing we wanted to hit on is that all our ingredients are organic. We partner with Gramen Farm in Tomball and we get all of our dairy and milk from there.”

Gysler said popular cupcake flavors include strawberry rhubarb, churro, triple chocolate and lemon blackberry.

“Our strawberry rhubarb is amazing; it has a strawberry rhubarb filling, strawberry rhubarb icing and is then topped with a strawberry,” she said. “Since I’ve been baking, everybody always asks for that one. We also have a churro flavor and it has a little churro on top. That’s been a huge hit.”

To pair with the wide variety of cupcake flavors, Cupcakes & Bubbles also offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including sparkling wine, beer, coffee, tea and sodas.

Gysler said the bakery features a tap system that features two champagnes, four sparkling wines and two beers.
The bakery also has 26 bottles of sparkling wines and champagne to choose from. Gysler said sparkling wine is considered champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne in France.

“We have bottles of different sparkling wines and 10 of those are champagne,” Gysler said. “We sell most by the glass and also by the bottle. We are a retailer, too, so you can buy 12 cupcakes and a bottle of wine for a birthday party.”

Gysler said while Cupcakes & Bubbles offers cupcake gift boxes and a variety of retail items, a back room is also available at the bakery for parties, events and cupcake decorating classes for kids and adults. New menu additions are also expected to be implemented in the near future.

“We haven’t implemented happy hour, but it is in the works,” Gysler said. “We have two flavors of [spiked]cupcakes: champagne cupcakes with a pipet of champagne on top, and then we have a caramel Bailey’s one. Our idea for happy hour here is to have different adult cupcakes on different days.”

With two months in business, Gysler said she is still implementing new features. The bakery has been successful so far, she said, and there are plans to open more locations in the future.

“I think we’re unique because of the atmosphere, the decor and the fact that we offer a wide variety of champagnes and sparkling wines by the glass,” she said. “We haven’t picked out [future]locations yet, but it’s definitely in the works. Since I’m a finance person by trade, we just want to make sure my calculations are accurate and everything we’re creating can be mimicked—so we’re definitely honing in on those.”

Gysler said she hopes Cupcakes & Bubbles can remain a place that is different and fun for local residents— and a place where both adults and kids can enjoy themselves.

“The idea was to make something cool and kind of upscale and classy, but you don’t have to be dressed up to walk in here,” she said. “We wanted people to be able to go somewhere that was fun and relaxing and let their kids enjoy it too.”

Cupcakes & Bubbles
26400 Kuykendahl Road, Ste. C160, The Woodlands
Hours: Mon.-Thu. 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Fun flavors

Cupcakes & Bubbles offers 12 flavors of organic and homemade cupcakes. Gluten-free options are also available.

  • Chocolate raspberry
  • Strawberry rhubarb
  • Chocolate vanilla
  • S’mores
  • Lemon blackberry
  • Churro
  • Chocolate chocolate
  • Cookies & cream
  • Champagne
  • Caramel Baileys
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