Shenandoah police officer celebrates album release


A Shenandoah police officer released his first musical album Sept. 20 after many years of spending his spare time helping area churches with their musical selections.

Outside of his law enforcement career, Jermaine Langston operates a small business called Worshiper in You, where he helps churches redesign their worship ministry—primarily through music. The release, which features contemporary rock, coincides with his faith.

“I’ve been working on other people’s albums for a long time,” Langston said. “I never sat down and worked on my album like I should have.”

Langston became involved in music when he was seven years old, starting with drums and expanding out to bass, piano and guitar. Music, he said, is a very natural thing for him, and he has enjoyed weaving his passion into his work. Langston said he loves the satisfaction of challenging churches to get out of their comfort zones with music.

Langston said he is excited for the album release but is not quite sure what to expect once it is out.

“It’s a great accomplishment finishing it,” he said. “I know it’s the beginning to many more.”

Langston will celebrate the album release during a worship night Sept. 28.

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  1. Well deserved. I can’t wait to attend the releasing of his album. I will be traveling from South Carolina to show my support. I’m so proud of my spiritual son 🤗💕

  2. Najea Langston

    Congratulations!! I am so proud of my husband and thankful to God I can be part of his vision!! Super excited for him and his WIY team, their going to do an amazing job at the night of worship!

    • I’m very happy for my nephew, music is his passion. I love how he was persistent in all his endeavours. He always put god first. I’m thankful to god through out any obstacles he put it in God’s hands. I’m proud of him. Strong believer,great provider awesome leader. Love ya nephew.

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