The owners of My Fit Nutro said they are working to provide fast and healthy options for families to have between work, school and all the other daily hassles of life.

The owners said they realized getting a healthy meal on the dinner table can often be a challenge for a number of families, especially during a time when grocery prices are rising.

“What we wanted to do was be just as easy [as fast food], but give people a healthy option,” said Brett Boyce, co-owner of My Fit Nutro, located at Spring Trails Ridge.

The concept of My Fit Nutro started out of co-owner Amanda Kemp’s work as a personal trainer, where she would regularly provide meal prep and plans for some of her clients.

Then, during a Thanksgiving celebration, Kemp and Boyce got the idea to begin selling healthy meals to not just clients but anyone who wanted to eat healthier but did not have the time associated with cooking regularly.

“We just expanded on her love of giving that personal attention to our clients, and we try to do it as much as we can here,” said Boyce. “We try to remember as many clients’ names as walk in that door. We love hearing feedback; we love helping people achieve their goals.”

Boyce and Kemp said their menu rotates weekly to incorporate new ideas and flavors such as turkey lasagna, brisket enchiladas and even Italian wedding soup.

The ingredients are sourced from a local supplier, and they work to avoid processed ingredients such as white sugar in their meals, desserts and cold-pressed juices.

“I actually have parents that take pictures of their kids, and they’re eating it, and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, they ate the whole thing,’” Kemp said.

Another key aspect of the business is customizing the meals. Boyce and Kemp cook and prepare the majority of menu items themselves and will regularly substitute or take out ingredients to meet client’s health needs.

Turning out roughly 1,300 meals a week, cooking and preparing their menu items quickly expanded into a full-time job for Kemp and Boyce.

The meals are prepared fresh every week and stored in refrigerated containers, and to prevent waste, any remaining foods are frozen and can be purchased later.

“It went from a casual, you know, like all of a sudden it’s like midnight on a Friday and we’re not even close to being done. So we go to sleep, get a couple hours and wake back up and cook,” said Kemp.

In their current location, they have been able to expand their cooking capacity. In a single week, they can cook up over 200 pounds of chicken, 40 pounds of beef and countless amounts of additional ingredients.

My Fit Nutro is also expanding and offering programs to bring meals into local fitness gyms and even directly to teachers.

On My Fit Nutro’s website, teachers at Broadway Elementary School and Clark Intermediate School in Spring can select the schools as the drop-off locations and have meals delivered directly to them.

However, the effort is worth it for Kemp and Boyce, whose main focus is to provide an easy way for people and their families to live a healthier lifestyle.

“We both like helping people. I’ve always been that way, and I know Brett is too, and it’s rewarding when they come in and tell us, you know, they lost 25 pounds or something. It just feels good,” stated Kemp.My Fit Nutro

My Fit Nutro

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