Two candidates are running to represent Texas House District 15 in the upcoming Nov. 8 election.

Incumbent Steve Toth, R-The Woodlands, is seeking re-election against Democratic opponent Kristin Johnson.

Candidates were asked to keep responses under 75 words, answer the questions provided and avoid attacking opponents. Answers may have been edited or cut to adhere to those guidelines, or for style and clarity. For more information about voting in Montgomery County, visit


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Steve Toth*

Experience: 15 years of small-business ownership and 10 years in publicly traded corporations in both sales and consulting; 25 years of volunteer work of marriage and family life counseling; chair of the board, Mighty Oaks (faith-based veteran service organization)

Occupation: Small-business owner

Candidate Website:

Contact Information: 346-220-0300

Why are you running to represent District 15?

I’ve worked hard in serving HD 15 constituents the past four years. From my efforts to bring an infusion center to The Woodlands for combating COVID[-19], which kept people out of the hospital, to my efforts—with the help of the Texas Rangers—to work alongside local law enforcement to create an active shooter response plan for all county schools and venues, I’d like to continue to serve the people of HD 15.

What are the most important issues facing residents in your district, and how will you address them if elected?

I’ll be carrying over 20 bills. Two of the biggest bills are closing the border and reducing the suffocating burden of property taxes. The property tax scheme needs to be replaced with a consumption tax. Cities across the country are experiencing record-breaking assaults and murders because of cartel members freely walking across our southern border. If the Feds won’t close the border, then Texas must.

What are your priorities for the distribution of state funding?

A greater share of state funds needs to go towards relieving the property tax burden on homeowners. Texas can fully fund public schools while also providing families the ability to choose how their taxes are spent in the education of their children.

How do you plan to support local businesses in your district?

During COVID[-19], my office was instrumental in helping to reopen businesses that were closed by draconian and unconstitutional laws. The Texas Legislature needs to intervene in the Biden Administration’s interference with ESG (Environment Social Governance) regulations that are strangling Texas oil and gas companies of the capitol they need to drill.

Kristin Johnson

Experience: I have spent my entire professional career dedicated to the service of children and community. In that work I have learned how to pivot, multitask and prioritize in order to complete what needs to get done. I know how to communicate and advocate for others.

Occupation: Teacher

Contact Information: 832-510-8294

Why are you running to represent District 15?

I have grown up in this district, and this is where I have chosen to raise my three children with my husband. I have a vested interest in this community. I want to ensure that my children are able to grow up with the same experiences and opportunities that were afforded to me when I was growing up here. It is alarming to me that right now some folks choose to feed divisiveness, implement policies …**

What are the most important issues facing residents in your district, and how will you address them if elected?

There are three main issues that are impacting folks in District 15. One is the assault on public education, and the consequences of that are everything from a teacher shortage to watered down curriculum. We need to ensure that teaching is a viable career for not just our current teachers, but for teachers who want to enter the field in the future. We need to ensure that our retired teachers are able to leave the profession …**

What are your priorities for the distribution of state funding?

Right now Texans pay some of the highest property taxes in the United States, and if you compile all of the taxes that individual Texans pay by comparison to other states across the country, Texans are paying more in taxes than even New Yorkers in California’s, but they are not getting the return on their investment that they expect. We need to address the shortcomings of funding in the Texas education system.**

How do you plan to support local businesses in your district?

Across the state businesses are crying out that they cannot seem to find enough qualified workers to fill positions that they have. The root of that issue goes back to education. We need an educated workforce full of skilled labor to fill these jobs. I support making community college something that is readily available to everyone to provide a workforce that is more educated and better skills than any other workforce in the United States.