Approximately 45% of Missouri City households are without power Feb. 16, and others have little to no running water, City Manager Odis Jones said during a 10 a.m. press conference.

"We understand that the two biggest issues that are facing you today is water as well as power," Mayor Robin Elackatt said.

Jones said he is concerned about the elderly, disabled and homeless population in the community during this prolonged period of freezing temperatures and power outages, which he said may last for the next day.

Jones encouraged the community to check in on their more vulnerable neighbors, to stay with family who have power and to spend the night at a local hotel, if necessary. He also cautioned residents to not sit in their running car, especially inside the garage, for heat due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

"Be thoughtful about the decisions you're making," Jones said. "Make sure you're following all the advisories."

City officials also said there are still neighborhoods without running water or with limited water pressure. Jones said the city is working with the municipal utility districts to address those water service issues, which are caused in part by frozen pipes, sensors and meters.

Additionally, Council Member Lynn Clouser said some residents are experiencing water discoloration caused by changes in water pressure, combined with iron and manganese in the pipes. Residents and MUDs should flush their pipes, Clouser said, but the water is safe to drink.

Trameka Jewett, the city's emergency management coordinator, said as temperatures begin to increase, water-related issues will linger.

"The thawing conditions will bring decreased water pressure," Jewett said. "We will start to see the pipe bursts we have [begin] to leak excessively, and that will lead to a decrease in some of the pressure for citizens."

The city is also encouraging residents to stay off the roads, which remain icy in some areas. Missouri City has information about road closures posted to its website.

"As with most cities in the South, we're not prepared for this," Council Member Anthony Maroulis said. "We don't have snowplows; we don't have tire chains [or] large amounts [of] salt. But just know that "The Show Me City" is doing their very best to keep us safe and warm."

For more information, visit or call the city at 281-403-8500.