An upcoming construction project on the Hwy. 59 bridge in Sugar Land will cause various detours for drivers during its three-year construction.

The details

The Texas Department of Transportation’s Hwy. 59 bridge project will not only address ongoing erosion of the Brazos River bank but also will improve area mobility and upgrade infrastructure, TxDOT Public Information Officer Kristina Hadley said in an email.

The $53 million project will lengthen the Hwy. 59 bridge and both the northbound and southbound frontage road bridges 1,000 feet north over the Brazos River and remove the damaged turnaround permanently.

The construction is set to take place in phases with focuses on:
  • Phase 1: Construction of northbound main lane bridge
  • Phase 2: Construction of southbound main lane bridge
  • Phase 3: Construction of north and southbound frontage road bridges
During each phase, affected traffic will be diverted to:
  • Phase 1: All bridge traffic will be shifted to the southbound side.
  • Phase 2: All bridge traffic will be shifted to the northbound side.
  • Phase 3: All frontage road traffic will be shifted to the main lane bridge.
Get involved

Community members are invited to participate in an informational meeting regarding the Hwy. 59 project on May 22 at Sugar Land City Hall from 6:30-7:30 p.m., according to a May 13 news release.

The meeting invites members of the community to visit with TxDOT officials, who will share more about the project and how it will affect the community as the project progresses.

Looking ahead

The project is set to begin mid-2024 with an estimated completion date in late 2027, Hadley said.

To track the Hwy. 59 project progress, click here.