Missouri City City Council approved two items Nov. 6 regarding intersection improvements at Hwy. 6 at Vicksburg Boulevard and Hwy. 6 at Sienna Parkway.

Two-minute impact

According to the Nov. 6 City Council agenda, a traffic signal upgrade at Hwy. 6 and Vicksburg Boulevard will include changing the traffic pattern from a three-way wire signal to a four-way permanent pole signal.
  • The agreement is between the city of Missouri City and developer Missouri City BTR.
  • Estimated project costs are not to exceed 30% or $195,000 for the city.
  • The total cost of the project is $650,000.
  • Missouri City BTR will be responsible for 100% of the up-front cost associated with inspection, supervision of construction and implementation of the traffic signal.
  • The developer will receive a reimbursement of up to 66% of the contract amount.
According to the agenda, the signal improvement is crucial to two proposed projects in Missouri City, including a single-family rental community located south of the intersection and future land for commercial development east of the housing community.

The estimated timeline for completion of the project is spring 2024.

Also on the agenda

Missouri City City Council also accepted the dedication of a right-of-way easement for intersection improvements at Sienna Parkway and Hwy. 6.
  • The Sienna Property Owners Association donated the right of way as part of the roadway improvement project.
  • Intersection improvements include adding a dedicated turn lane at Sienna Parkway and Hwy. 6.
  • Lanes are proposed for both right and left turns for northbound and southbound traffic.
City officials said construction is expected to be completed in 2024.