Missouri City City Council approves nighttime construction for FM 1092 median project

A project to install medians at FM 1092 is set to begin soon. (Hunter Marrow/Community Impact Newspaper)
A project to install medians at FM 1092 is set to begin soon. (Hunter Marrow/Community Impact Newspaper)

A project to install medians at FM 1092 is set to begin soon. (Hunter Marrow/Community Impact Newspaper)

A Texas Department of Transportation project to install medians along FM 1092 from Hwy. 59 in Stafford to Hwy. 6 in Missouri City has been approved for nighttime work.

Missouri City City Council unanimously authorized the city manager to allow construction activities between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. on Mondays through Saturdays, a requirement to supersede the city’s existing noise ordinance, which prevents building operations from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., according to a Jan. 3 City Council agenda report.

TxDOT placed a condition on contractor SCR Construction that work would be performed during nonpeak traffic hours to minimize disruption to traffic flow and to expedite construction so the project timeline to complete construction work may also be reduced, according to the report.

The project will begin on FM 1092 on Jan. 10 in Stafford with work extending south and eventually reaching Missouri City roughly by March, said Carlos Zepeda Jr., the Fort Bend County-area engineer for TxDOT. Installing medians is expected to be completed by July.

Notifying residents, especially those living in the Quail Valley neighborhood, was a concern raised by Council Member Anthony Maroulis.

“Yes, we will notify residents,” said Jeremy Davis, the city’s assistant city engineer. “We’re going to work with our communications team and get the word out to make sure they know this project is coming.”

Another question raised by Council Member Floyd Emery was on the schematics of the medians, specifically whether there was any wiggle room for adding cut-throughs in important areas, whether commercial or residential.

“There is plenty of opportunity to make any kind of revisions or plan changes as necessary,” Zepeda said. “We plan to meet with Jeremy [Davis] and city staff on a weekly basis to give them an update on where the contractor will be working and if there are any issues that can be foreseen.”

The council, while expressing appreciation for the time and money for the median project, raised a litany of other concerns, including FM 1092 needing more than just medians, such as better lighting.

Median maintenance was another topic of discussion, initially raised by Mayor Robin Elackatt, citing a lack of maintenance from TxDOT at Texas Parkway and Cartwright Road, among others. His concerns were echoed by other council members.

“So, once you put something in, there is a level of maintenance that needs to be done,” Elackatt said. “It’s because [FM] 1092 is a big artery that goes in and out of Missouri City. That is something that needs to be worked through with Jeremy [Davis] and his department.”

In the meantime, following the median installation project, TxDOT is set to begin a project to resurface FM 1092. That project will bid separately in March with construction tentatively expected to begin in July immediately following the completion of the median project, Zepeda said.
By Hunter Marrow
Hunter Marrow came to Community Impact Newspaper in January 2020. Before that, Hunter covered local news in Ontario, OR for three years, covering municipal issues, crime, and education across Malheur County and across the border into Idaho.